Precision cosmology

Supplementary chapters

Support material referred to in the book.

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Gas Dynamics download
  • State of one component gas
  • Derivatives following the motion
  • Conservation of particles
  • Conservation of momentum
  • Thermal energy
  • Special Relativity
  • Vector fields: rotation and shear in 2D flow
  • General 2D flow field
  • 2D steady incompressible flow
  • Complexification of 2D fluid flow
  • A simple example of 2D fluid flow
Kinetic Theory of Gases download
  • The phase space distribution function
  • The Boltzmann equation
  • Boltzmann equation with collisions
  • Chapman-Enskog approximation
  • BGK collision model
  • Scattering photons by non-relativistic electron
  • Relativistic Boltzmann models
  • Radiation damping of perturbations
  • Lorentz transformation of phase space volumes